Introduction to the blogosphere


I started thinking about blogging over a year ago. But I was busy and never seemed to find the time.  Besides, there are lots of great blogs and I wasn’t sure the world needed another one.  But when one of my neighbours was suddenly hospitalized with a serious illness just before Christmas, I realized that life can be short and we don’t get “do-overs.” So I set a goal for myself to live more in the moment – less worrying and procrastinating and more doing. Hence, the blog.

For the most part, I am going to share my thoughts and experiences as a parent of a challenging child – the highs and the lows. While parenting is not for the faint of heart, there are some children who are just more challenging to parent – the child who can’t get out the door in the morning without minute-by minute supervision, the child who everyone in the school office knows by her first name or the child who tries to log into your blackberry and ends up wiping it in less than the time it took you to pour a cup of coffee. Parents of really challenging children often have a hard time talking to other parents about their children – how do you casually mention that your kid was suspended (again) for trying to strangle another child? Or that they completely trashed their room last night when you tried to give them a timeout?

But what I have discovered in the last few years of living with my son is that the things that make him challenging  – his intensity, his intellectual curiosity and his difficulty in adjusting to change – are also the things that make him so incredibly interesting and fun to be with. Sure, he can argue me into a coma when he wants another 5 minutes of computer time, but he can also discuss the political situation in North Korea and explain how to play double chess. He remembers who was playing in goal the last time we went to a hockey game nearly 2 year ago, plus who won and by how many goals. He is source of my greatest joy and most of my grey hair.

Thanks so much for reading my very first post.


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