The importance of being M


Coming up with a name for this blog wasn’t easy. I knew I was g going to focus on being a parent of a child with a number of exceptionalities (ADHD, anxiety, giftedness, anger issues, etc), but I also wanted a name that was meaningful to me. I wanted it to be (mildly) catchy. Plus there was there were the practical issues of what names were available and how many other blogs there were with the same name.

So I spent some time thinking up names in my head. For example, “exceptionally educational” – right idea and not too many other similar sounding blogs. But catchy – no. Boring, in fact. I liked “My Life with my Rollercoaster Child,” but it was taken. I also came up with more generic names like “Thyme and Pansies,” – meaningful to me as I like to garden. But too cute. And it doesn’t really convey anything about the blog, other than I like gardening. Finally, one day I came up with “M’s the word.” My last name begins with M.  Plus it is the first letter of my son’s name. It also works as a play on “mum’s the word”, which seemed appropriate because, as I noted in a previous post, parents of challenging children, often find it difficult to talk to other family members, parents, and friends about what’s going on with their kids. A quick search on Google, didn’t yield any hits on “M’s the word,” but it was already spoken for on WordPress, hence “Mistheword.”


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