Random acts of craftiness – Valentine’s Day card


As part of my on-going effort to do more and regret less, I am participating in a blog swap. The theme is Valentine’s Day. I have been partnered up with another crafter in England. I will send her the card I made and next week, I will receive one in the mail. Very exciting. And not just because the card will be from someone other than my mother.

So here’s my card:

Completed card

The card is made using plain white card stock embellished with Japanese papers. I bought a bag for about $15.00 at a Japanese paper store last year. It cost a bit more than I usually spend on paper craft supplies (I tend to shop the sales section), but it was totally worth it. The bag is full of all kinds of different papers, in different colours and textures. It doesn’t show up in the photo but I used a light pink gauzy “paper” on the front of the card (see the third photo below for a better shot of the textures of the papers).

The heart is cut from an ordinary paper doily – I coloured it using pink and red ink stamps. I decorated the inside of the card too – stamped doily hearts randomly applied to a pearly white paper.

inside of card

I didn’t take pictures as I was putting the card together. I did most of it in the evening and it is hard to get good pictures – I need better lighting. I took a few pictures of the card this morning to take advantage of the natural light, but my camera battery was dying.  Photography is something to keep working on.

It did take me more than a couple of hours to put this togther, as it was a bit fiddly.  Japanese paper tends to be a bit more delicate than plain card stock. I left the lid off my glue stick one night last week and while still worked, it was a bit gummy. I had to be extra careful not to rip the paper. Gluing doillies is also a bit challenging, as they tend rip even easier than the paper. 

Here’s one last shot of the front with the edging. Excuse my fingers – I couldn’t get the card to lie flat so I had to hold it down in order to show the full effect of the edging:

cover with edging (sideways view)

This picture gives you a sense of the faint stripe in the gauze “paper”. You can also see the  crinkley white paper under the heart.

It was fun to experiment with different papers in designing and the card. Tomorrow, it will be off to England.

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