The good, the bad and the goofy


From the past week…

The good:

M got invited to dinner at a friend’s house during the week. This has never happened before. M has occasionally had dinner at someone else’s house, but usually because he has invited himself (not shy, our M). In this case, the other child issued the invitation.  I am not sure whether he had checked with his parents first, but he was keen on having M over. Today M went to a concert with the same friend and his family. The dad said that not only was M well-behaved but his children (brother and sister) seemed to get along better with a friend along.  Afterwards, they played air hockey and electronic games. Hard to imagine a better way for a 10-year old to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Ideal from a parent’s perspective too – the concert helped nourish their brain cells so they weren’t completely fried by playing computer games.

the bad:

I picked a fight with my husband on Valentine’s Day. Not about anything consequential. He was so annoyed with me, he actually got out of bed and went downstairs to watch TV. We made up the next day, but not my finest moment.

the goofy:

M standing in the bathroom one morning, serenading me with “I love you, I love you” while playing his electric Pokemon toothbrush. One of those moments when I wished I had a video camera handy so I could record it for posterity. Or his wedding. Whichever comes first. Yes, he was running late for school, but I was enjoying myself to bother nagging him to hurry up.



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