Grammy jammies


Grammy Jammies - the newest model

M’s Grammy makes him a pair of pj’s every year as a Christmas gift. Sometimes, like this year, they don’t arrive right at Christmas. But it doesn’t matter when he gets them – Grammy jammies are always worth waiting for.

Grammy is my mother. My niece and nephew started calling her that when they were little – my sister-in-law’s mother was already known as “Nana,” so my mother became Grammy. 

My mother is a wonderful seamstress. She made all my clothes when I was a child. Looking back now, my clothes were beautiful, but I was less appreciative at the time. When I was 11 or 12, I can remember begging for a pair of Levi`s so I could look like all the other girls in my class. She continued to make clothes for me, even after I went to university. Every special event in my life has been celebrated with a dress or outfit made by my mother, including my wedding dress.  She also made her own clothes and it wasn`t unusual for her to be putting the finishing touches to her dress as we were getting ready to go to a family wedding or event.  It became a joke in our extended family. It was expected that we ould be last because my mother was still putting the hem in her dress, while the rest of us were ready and waiting by the door. Since she was the only one with a car, we often didn’t have much choice but to wait. But she was always one of the best dressed women in the room. 

My mother made a few outfits for M when he was a baby, including an adorable clown costume, complete with a little hat, which he wore for his first Halloween.  One year, she gave him a pair of flannel pyjamas for Christmas. The tradition of the Grammy jammies were born.

My mother and I buy the material in October or early November. There aren’t a huge number of prints available for boys and if you don’t shop early, your choices are limited – camouflage, baby blue with duckies or ugly sports prints. We usually end up with a sports-themed print but in bright colours.

Grammy always makes the pyjamas with a safety pin in the waist band to hold the elastic in place.  I am supposed to sew the elastic in place, but I never do. M has never complained and the safety pin has always held.

At the present time, M has 3 pairs of Grammy jammies. The oldest ones are at least 3 years ago and a couple of inches too short. M looks like he is getting ready to battle a flood, but he doesn’t care.  They are cozy and soft from being washed so many times. The newest pair are almost too long for him, but he doesn’t care if they drag on the floor.  Maybe I can convince him to walk around the kitchen when he’s wearing them instead of having to sweep the floor.

Grammy Jammies - older but well-loved

Family traditions are important.  The Grammy jammies are a link between M and his grandmother, a tangible reminder that she loves him. She could buy him a pair of pyjamas and give them to him every Christmas, but it wouldn’t be the same.  They would just be pyjamas. He likely wouldn’t wear them until they were inches too short.  As M well knows, Grammy jammies are special.


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