The week that was

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The week was a lot like minestrone soup – a little bit of everything.

On Monday, M had a meltdown at daycare.

Tuesday, the principal sent me an email to say that despite a few struggles, M was doing much better than last year.   She noted that she didn’t see him very often (fewer visits to the office) and when she did, he had a smile on his face and seemed happy.  Plus he had given he a big hug earlier in the day.

On Wednesday, the principal sent another email – this time to say that M hadn’t had a great day.  According to her, M had been unable to stay focused during the morning and do what he was asked; then during the afternoon, he had disagreed with his classmates during a group activity and had checked out.  M said when it wasn’t his turn to do the activity, he just sat at his desk.  His regular teacher was away, so hard to know exactly what happened.  M reminded us that he was responsible for group snack in class the next day, saving his forgetful parents from panicking the next morning as they scrambled through the cupboards looking for something to feed 27 – 10 and 11 year olds – not sure soda crackers or cold cereal would have cut it with the kids.

Thursday was the first day of March – good-bye February!  Itstarted off with much silliness on M’s part when he should have been getting ready for school – lying on the floor playing with his slinky and hanging the dog leash off the bannister.  But he ended up having a good day.  I had dinner with a very dear friend I don’t see nearly often enough, since she lives about 7 hours away.

Friday was a lesson in trusting my gut instinct.  As he was eating his breakfast, M complained about being tired.  He was very sniffley  but I sent him off to school anyway.  I offhandedly remarked to my husband that it wouldn’t surprise me if the school called.  Sure enough, at 9:30 am, the principal called to tell me that M was in her office and was very pale and complaining of feeling sick to his stomach.  Fortunately, M’s dad was able to go home and pick him up, as I had back-to-back meetings and multiple deadlines. 

This morning, M was feeling a little better  He watched part of a Phineus and Ferb marathon on tv apparently it’s Platypus Day) and we played a couple of games – he wanted to play “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire,” but I’d rather stick pins in my eyes (the game consists of M asking the questions and me answering), so we compromised and played Uno and Monopoly Deal.  He started feeling sick again around noon and asked me to come upstairs and sit with him in our bed while he read a book.


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