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My colleague, Julie, decided to skip out early on winter.  She has taken a sabbatical from work and is spending the next 3 months in California with her partner.  Not only does she get to wear shorts and sandals everyday, but she will also be pursuing her muse and working on her art – she makes really cool mosaics.  Check out her blog, Red Squirrel Mosaics to see examples of her work.  She is a true renaissance woman and also makes neat stuff like envelopes out of old calendars and a quilt out of old t-shirts.

Not only is Julie a great colleague, but she is also my technical support team.  In fact, if not for Julie, this blog probably wouldn’t have gotten further than my To-Do list.  Unlike me, Julie is an early-adopter of all-things technological (I’m more of a late-Jurrasic period adopter).  So when I started thinking about starting my blog, I went to Julie.  She got me started and was endlessly patient with me and answered all of my goofiest questions.  She was also endlessly encouraging and didn’t laugh at me, as I tracked my site stats (I’m a social scientist by training – we love statistics).

Julie will be blogging about her adventures in sunny California, so be sure to check back often and see what she is up to.


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