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My current favourite blog is Reinventing Fabulous, which is a year-long blogging project by 3 well-known authors.  Not surprisingly, the writing is terrific – honest, heart-felt and very funny.   On Sundays, the blog is turned over to the readers to name 3 things that made them happy that week.  The idea being that since most of us can easily name the things that didn’t go well during the week, it is important to take a few minutes and reflect on not just the good things that happened during the preceding 7 days, but the things that made us truly happy.  

M is not a child who generally looks at the world through a glass half full – he’s more like a the-glass-sucks kind of kid.  He comes by some of this honestly; both my husband and I are more “realists”, rather than straight-out optimists.  But part of  this is just M’s personality – he has always focused on what’s gone wrong, as opposed to what’s gone well.  This is reinforced by the negative feedback he has gotten over the years as a result of his behaviour.  While do our best to celebrate his successes, even the little ones at home, but I’m sure he feels the world is not always his oyster.

So in order to encourage a little more happy talk at our house, I decided to follow the ReFab example.  The idea was that every Sunday night supper, the 3 of us would share what made us happy that week.  I figured tha more we practiced, the better we would all get at thinking happy thought.  We started last week and while it was a bit of a challenge for M, he did come up with 3 things. 

I had planned on repeating the happiness countdown again tonight.   But M woke up with a stomach bug and spent most of the day vomiting and moaning how awful it was to be sick and if he had one last wish in the world, “it would be not to feel sick anymore” (he’s a touch dramatic).  So I figured it wasn’t perhaps the best day to ask what made him happy last week. 

For my part, here’s what made me happy this past week:

1)  my multi-strand bracelet got pinned on Pinterest.  First time for me! 

2)  my neighbour, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer at Christmas time, came home from the hospital.

3)  we had a meeting with the school where we focused on M’s progress, instead of his struggles.

4)  the sunny warm weather – spring is on its way!

5)  thanks to the time change, more day light.

We’ll try the happiness count with the whole family next week.


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