The week that was

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For the time being, I’ve decided to use Saturday’s post to summarize highs and lows of the past week.  I expect I will get bored with this after a while and move on to something else – my kid comes by his short attention span naturally.

Sunday:  M woke up feeling sick and proceeded to spend the better part of th day with his head in a bucket.  Not a fun way to spend a weekend. The only upside was that he got to watch tv (in between looking at the bottom of the bucket).

Monday:  M slept in and went to drama camp for the afternoon (it’s break week from school).  He had originally been signed up for Circus Camp, but it had been cancelled.   He has been to the drama school many times, but didn’t know the instructor for his group.  The person who would have taught the circus program was with a group of younger children.  The change in logistics, never his best thing, was exacerbated by the fact that he wasn’t feeling 100%.  No big surprise that he didn’t enjoy his afternoon.  Plus, after camp, he had to work on his book report which is due the first day school returns.  According to M, everything sucked.

Tuesday:  M was feeling better so of course his day was more enjoyable.  We let his take his iPod – they only get to use them at the end of the day, before pick-up, which probably also helped with his mood. 

Wednesday – M had to practice karate and work on his book report after supper.  Usually, he doesn’t like to practice karate but he was scheduled to take a test for his next belt level on Friday.  And it was much more fun than doing homework.

Thursday – The book report is still not finished and his dad insisted that he work on it before supper and media time.  With his dad\s help, he got the biggest section almost finished, but still has a couple of parts to complete.  I am not sure whether assigning a project over the school break is harder on the kid or the parent (I vote for the latter, since the adult has to spend most of the week badgering the child into working on it).

Friday – I took the day off and did crafty projects (didn’t get anything finished but still had fun).  M’s group put on their play.  It was a big group, but everyone had at least a few lines, including M.  In past camps, he’s gotten a starring role, so having a small part was an adjustment for him.  He got to wave a sword around, which he would find fun.  He has learned to project his voice, so you can always hear his lines.  [I couldn’t always see him, because a parent in front of me was filming the performance on her iPhone and kept blocking my sight lines.  After I had moved once and still couldn’t see, despite bobbing my head around like a cork, I told her she was blocking my view and she finally put the camera down.]

M did his test at karate and got his blue belt.  A big accomplishment, accompanied by lots of parental praise.  We went out for dinner at a restaurant that has televised trivia games – you get a console from the bar.  M loves to play, but expects his parents to give him the answers, so we have to pay attention.  We were sitting right in front of a giant TV screen.  We were all a bit shell-shocked when we left due to the cacophony of noise and the blinking lights from multiple TV’s.

This morning M went to karate again.  A friend of his came home with us after the class.  They gone to the movies with M’s dad.  He has to do a bit more on his book report (it seems endless, but that’s maybe because he only works on it 10 mins at a time and there are lots of parts to complete).   We are going to dinner and to see a play tonight and his favourite babysitter is coming. 

The weather is supposed to sunny and warm tomorrow.  Maybe we can get out on our bikes – but first M needs to get that darn project finished.


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