Spring has sprung!


The last patch of snow

Although the calendar says it’s March, it felt more like late May or early June today.  Everyone in our neighbourhood was outside  – walking, biking or sitting outside having coffee.  As the day wore  on, people started shedding their jackets and wearing sandals.  Normally, we would still be in our ski-jackets and boots.

It is still too early to do much work outside – we still have a small piles of snow in shadier parts of the yard and driveway.  Some people were out in their gardens, but it still too wet in the backyard to do very much.  Plus, it is just too risky.  It is not outside the realm of possibility to have a snow storm between now and mid-April.  While the layer of dead, wet leaves covering my garden isn’t attractive, in the event that it does snow, it will protect any plants that are poking out of the ground

And despite the fact that the snow has barely melted, I do have a few plants coming up.  I was wandering round the backyard yesterday afternoon and was totally surprised to find a few crocus in bloom and a single snow-drop.  Today, as if by magic, more crocus and snow-drops had appeared.

Spring 2012 - the first crocus

Snow drop

National Geographic will not be knocking on my door any time soon asking me to take pictures for them, but I had a good time getting down on my hands and knees to find new shoots and then take a few shots. I planted close to 150 bulbs last fall – crocus, daffodils and tulips (early, mid-season and late). Sometimes the bulbs grow, sometimes they don’t.  It will be like a treasure hunt over the next few weeks, to see what blooms.

Sedum - just beginning