Random acts of craftiness – double strand bracelet


2-strand bracelet

This bracelet, like the multi-strand bracelet I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, was a  Christmas present for a friend.  And like the multi-strand bracelet, it was too big and had to be re-sized.  In fact. I made this one so big, it fell right off my friend’s wrist when she tried it on.   It might have fit Madame Maxime, the giantess in Happy Potter and the Goblet of Fire (M and I watched it together last week), but the bracelet needed some reconstructive surgery before my friend could wear it.

The original bracelet consisted of 3 sections, plus a toggle clasp: 

– For the first section, I slipped 5 daisy-shaped copper spacers on a piece of copper wire and connected one end to the topple with a wrapped loop.  I made a wrapped loop at the other end and added a jump ring. 

– I attached the second section – a piece of copper chain and very small wooden beads strung on beading wire –  to the jump ring and attached another ring on the other end. 

–  The third section consisted of a spherical stone with a daisy spacer on either side and attached to the other end of the toggle. 

The bracelet was designed to showcase the copper and resin charm featuring a bird from Jade Scott:

Copper and resin charm

My friend likes birds and when I saw this in Jade Scott’s Etsy shop, I snapped it up.  Because her pieces are unique and affordable, I generally buy charms and pendants from Jade Scott when I see them and then figure out what to do with them later.   Mostly, I just hoard them because they are so cute and I can’t bear to part with them.   Since I bought this one with someone else in mind, I wasn’t as attached to it as some of my other Jade Scott pieces.

I paired the charm with a hand-drilled stone dangle from Stone Studios Too, another of my favourites.  The stone was from a mixed strand of stones I bought the first time I ever ordered beads on the web, from ArtBeads.  I also added a dangle on the other end of the stone section – a small copper charm from FabBeads and a couple of small fire-polished beads I found at the bottom of one of my bead boxes.  I try to keep my beads organized and separated in zip-lock bags, but things tend to end up at the bottom of one of my Tupperware bins I use for storage as I root around looking for various supplies.

In order to re-size the bracelet, I had to take all the sections apart and put them back together.  This meant cutting apart the wire-wrapped sections, cutting links out of the chain and re-stringing the wooden beads.  Although I was prepared to use the cylindrical stone again, it was the one element of the original bracelet that I liked the least.

As it happens, I had recently come across a cache of lovely handmade ceramic beads by Gaea.  I was organizing the jewelry drawer in my closet (we had it built several year ago and there are two drawers – one for jewelry and one for scarves and other accessories) and found this little box of treasures.  How it came to be in my closet and not in the swamp of my Tupperware bead bins, I will never know.  However, I had relocated the box to the dining room table where I do most of my beading.   I was admiring the beads – after all, they had been hiding in my closet for who knows how long, when I realized that one of these would be perfect for the bracelet.  It took me a while to choose one, but when the blue one to the bracelet, I realized it looked better than the original.

Original component - selecting a replacement

The hardest part to finish was the chain and wooden bead section.  The first time I got it all put back together, it was still too big.  The second time, it was too small.  By the third try, I was getting a little stressed.  Fortunately, I had a Goldie Locks moment, and it was just right.

I have to say, of all the jewelry I have made in the last few years, this bracelet is probably my favourite.  I like the design – it is simple but complex at the same time.  The components all work together.  While the overall palette is neutral, there is just enough colour to make it pop, but not enough to overwhelm the focal piece, which in the bird charm.  


I liked this bracelet so much, that it was hard to return it back to its rightful owner.  But I did give it back to my friend the last time I saw her.  It complemented the outfit she was wearing that evening perfectly. 

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Double-strand bracelet


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