5-minute bracelet


5-minute bracelet

My curling league is done for this year and our final banquet is this week.  We always have door prizes and a raffle – at Christmas I lucked out and won the raffle and a door prize.  The prizes are donated by the members and are supposed to have a value of $10 or less.

I decided to make a bracelet as my contribution.  I used a ready-made bracelet with a toggle clasp attached and added a couple of beads as dangles.   In less time that it actually took me to select the components I wanted to use, I had a pretty copper bracelet with a punch of colour for spring – literally 5 minutes from start to finish.  I used supplies that I had already been purchased – I estimate the total cost to be about $10 (not including shipping).

Here’s how you can make your own 5 minute bracelet

(Some of the photos are a bit dark – not much natural light this morning and I often had to hold the camera in my left-hand to hold the braclet)

What you’ll need:

1 – 8 inch antique copper bracelet with toggle clasp (mine came from LABeadSupply on Etsy – lots of variety and good prices)

3 copper jump rings (2 -5mm and 1 slightly larger)

1 – 2 inch copper head pin with ball (mine was hand-made but can’t remember by who; similar product available at a reasonable price from Hummingbirds’ Beads and Treasures)

3 -4 beads and/or charms for the dangles – I used a copper plated dragonfly from Fusion Beads; a small hand-drilled stone charm from StoneStudiosToo; an enamel filigree round from Gardanne Beads; a 4/0 seed bead; and a 5/0 seed bead from my own stash

Beading pliers

Ready to assemble

What to do:

Open all your jump rings with pliers.  Make sure the 4/0 seed bead will fit on 1 of the smaller jump rings and the stone charm fits on the larger ring.

Slip the 4/0 seed bead onto a small jump ring and close. 

Seed bead on jump ring

Put the copper charm on the other small jump ring; add the jump ring with the seed bead and close.

Charm added to jump ring

Slide the stone onto the larger jump ring; add the jump ring with the copper charm, making sure it sits in front of the stone.

Completing charm component

Lay the chain out flat and attach the jump ring with the stone to the bottom of the 2nd link closest to the toggle (not the bar end – it won’t lie properly).   Use pliers to close.

Slide the round filigree bead onto the head pin; add the remaining seed bead so it sits on to of the larger bead and make a loop to start a wire wrap.

Wire wrap - step 1

Attach the loop to the first link in the bracelet and finish the wire wrap (you can add the bead and the stone component to the first link if you wish; I chose to attach them to separate links so they wouldn’t crowd each other – personal preference and will depend on what beads you are using).

Wire wrap - step 2

Trim the excess wire with wire cutters/snips to remove excess wire if necessary (my head pin was very thin, so I jump wrapped it around in a free-form wire wrap and pressed the excess down with pliers).

Completed wire wrap

Voila – the bracelet is finished and ready to wear.  Or in my case, ready to be wrapped up and given away.

Completed bracelet

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