No bunny…bad parents

Easter postcard circa early 20th century

Easter postcard circa early 20th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning, M came into our room around 8 am and asked his dad if he could go hunt for Easter eggs.  I was still half asleep and all heard was my husband saying “Oh crap.”  We had forgotten to hide the Easter eggs.  They were sitting in a bag in the closet, along with a chocolate bunny and a few little gifts. 

I sent my husband downstairs to tell M that the Easter Bunny thought he was too old to hunt for eggs.  Weak, I know, but it was all about trying to put a positive spin on things.   M wasn’t mollified by my husband’s explanation.  He crossed his arms over his chest. looked at his dad and said “Humph,” and turned back to look at the computer.. 

My husband’s reaction was to  come back upstairs and get back into bed.  By this point, I was wide awake and I got out of bed and made a beeline for the closet.   I collected everything, dashed down to the basement to collect a couple of gift bags, then ran back upstairs to assemble everything.   My husband couldn’t remember where he’d left iTunes card we had bought for M, so he went off to track it down.   We got everything into the gift bags and then went back downstairs to give them to M.

Me:  The Easter Bunny didn’t forget you (I pass him the bag with the eggs and the bunny).

M:  Oh!  (he opens the bag).

Me:  And Mommy and Daddy have a gift for you too (I hand him the other bag).

M sorts through the bag.  He’s not too impressed with the socks (even though they are brightly coloured, which he favours), but he likes the iTunes card and the container of DoubleBubble.  He puts his earphones back in and turns back to his game.  We are dismissed, free to go back to bed and enjoy a few more minutes of sleep, this time guilt-free.

I doubt M believes in the Easter Bunny.  But even at 10 years old, he apparently still likes the ritual of hunting for eggs.  I had the foresight to get chocolate eggs – good ones, from a real candy store, as opposed to cheap, dollar store chocolate.  And a big bunny too.   Next year, I will remember to hide them.  Just in case he isn’t too old.





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  1. In my family we progressed from hiding easter eggs to hiding easter baskets for each grandchild. It’s still fun for the younger kids and the parents can get creative with the teenagers.

    Of course for the adults in my family ‘creative’ always means up a tree.

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