Wondering where the weekend went?

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every weekend I have a long mental list of things I want to get done.   These are usually in addition to laundry, grocery shopping and shovelling out our house (otherwise known as tidying).   My husband does most of the laundry and the bulk of the tidying up – we take turns with the groceries.  Even if I spent a couple of hours on both Saturday and Sunday doing household-related tasks, I should still have lots of time left to do the things I like to do.  In theory, because I never seem to get done half of what I planned.  

For me, weekends are like the Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day.  I start off on Saturday am with a shiny new list and on Sunday night, I have only crossed one or two of them off.

The issue could be that my weekly weekend list is too long.  Instead of 6-7 projects, I should focus on 1 or 2 and actually get them done.  So making a birthday card for M’s friend in advance of his party on Saturday and cleaning up my neighbour’s yard/garden should be enough of an accomplishment for one person, in addition to grocery shopping and going out to dinner and a show.  But I had about 4-5 other things I wanted to get done – cut out a blouse; make soup; clean up my dining room table; organize paperwork so we can actually file our taxes on time this year.  And so on.

The other issue could be that I wind up wasting time on other activities not on the list.  Web surfing is probably my worst time stealer these days.  Amazing how many hours one can lose just catching up on favourite websites.  Time that I’ll never get back.  So maybe less aimless blog hopping next weekend. 

I could also organize my time better – I will often go our to run a couple of errands on Saturday afternoon and end up coming back 3-4 hours later.  Since I usually go out in the car, fewer trips would also mean using less gas.

The solution to my weekend wasting is probably somewhere in between – a reasonable to-do list that includes down time to go for a bike ride, visit the library, play cards with M, etc.  So when Sunday evening comes, I will feel that I’ve actually accomplished something concrete over the preceding 48 hours.  Nor will I be so exhausted that I can’t stay awake during supper.

So my challenge for next weekend is to have a smaller list – writing it down would probably help, as mental lists are notoriously hard to manage.  Also, I will try to limit my time on the web.

Off to tackle my to-do list for this week, starting with 2 dozen blueberry banana muffins for M to take to his class for group snack later this week.


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  1. Susan – we are in the same boat! I have scaled back my expectations of getting things done on the weekend. Am putting a bunch of things on hold until the summer, when M takes the boys to Germany for 3 weeks. Then I can actually make some progress! Good luck

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