The week that was

Monday Monday

Monday Monday (Photo credit: soonerpa)

The last few weeks have passed in a blur.  After a week  of cold, wet weather, the sun is finally shining.  My garden is in a bit of a holding pattern – the tulips and primroses have blooms on them, but the cold has kept them from opening.  Other plants are just starting to appear out of the ground.  Now that we’ve had some rain (and snow), I expect everything will explode once it warms up.

Here’s a quick run-down of the past week –

Monday – M was ill during the night on Sunday.  We woke up, exhausted, to the sight of thick, wet snow, covering the ground.  M and I stayed home, so we didn’t have to worry about digging boots and snow pants out of storage (it’s April!).  By the end of the day, the snow was gone and I had got M’s bug.

Tuesday – M went back to school and I stayed in bed.  At daycare, M got into a bit of a skirmish with a group of boys he has been having problems with for a couple of months.  He caused the rift by insulting several of them, but they are actively bullying him now, egged on by another child.  Despite the incident, M pulled himself together and went to his social skills group, immediately followed by a choir practice at school. 

Wednesday – M had a good day, up until about 8:30, when the aliens invaded his body.  He wanted to go on the computer and we said “no.”  He started hissing and being rude.  His dad finally had to carry him to him room, where he proceeded to yell and try to hit the closest parent.  I tried to get him to toss stuff animals back and forth between us – it worked a couple of weeks ago.  Took a bit longer this time, but eventually he calmed down enough to go to bed.  No idea what set him off – we need to keep working at helping him manage his temper, before he gets to the point of no return.  At some point, he is going to get too big for my husband to carry him upstairs.

Thursday – we watched the hockey playoffs.  M was upset when the home team didn’t prevail, but he was able to calm himself down.  I told him he wasn’t the only person in the city who was disappointed.

Friday – it was cold enough in the morning for Matt to go to school wearing a hat and mitts.  He had a good day and his dad picked him up early from daycare, so he could chill out at home.  He went to karate and we went out for burgers afterwards.  We called my mother to wish her happy birthday – Matt sang to her (without parental prompting).  Had I asked him to sing, he probably would have refused.  The fact that it was his idea made it all that more meaningful and charming for both my mother and I.

Matt is going to a friend’s tomorrow, but we’ll have to find something to keep us busy today.  Despite the sun, it is a bit too cold to go for a bike ride or work outside.  Hopefully, it will start to warm up soon.


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