Everything is coming up….rosettes


The last month or so has been busy – between helping organize the plant sale at M’s school,  a long weekend at the cottage and travelling out-of-town to a family funeral (my husband’s grandmother), I haven’t had a lot of time to do much around the house/garden, let alone get any crafting done.  I have long list of ideas of things I want to do and a few works-in progress, but not much to show in terms of completed projects.

However, I do have several friends and family members with birthdays coming up.  Plus, my neighbour got married today.  Since the weather station was predicting rain and more rain, it seemed like a good day to make a few cards.  And having recently mastered how to make a rosette,  I decided to go with a variation on theme and use a rosette as a focal for each of the cards.

Once you get the hang of making rosettes, it’s hard to stop.  I have a scoring board so making the folds takes about a minute.  Another minute for the actual folding and voila!  A one-of-a-kind decoration for your card.   Getting the rosette to stick together was challenging at first,  but  I discovered that gluing a 1-inch circle on the back, as well as the front, held the whole the rosette together.  I also found that placing something heavy on the rosette for a few minutes helped it “set,” so it was ready to use (I found my 3-inch circle punch was just the right weight to hold the rosette down without squishing it).

Card #1

This is a birthday card for a friend in brown and pink.  The rosette is made from a paper stack by K & Company – the paper is double-sided which I like.  Not only is double-sided card stock a bit heavier (and less flimsy) than regular printed paper, but colour coordinating is easy – just flip the paper over.   Instead of stamping “happy birthday,” I went on my computer and played around with a few fonts and then printed the message on cream coloured paper with brown ink.   I stumbled across the brown ribbon in one of my boxes and it added a nice touch.  I even managed to match the colour of the card for the cake stamped on the inside of the card by playing around with different coloured inks (this was more a happy accident than any great skill on my part).

Birthday card

inside of the card

Card #2

This card started out as a birthday card, but I decided I wanted to make a wedding card for my neighbour, instead of buying one.  She had planned on getting married today but has been ill and in hospital.  Fortunately, she was feeling well enough today, so she and her fiance  were able to go ahead with the ceremony.   I went with a blue/green colour scheme because I had already made the rosette, and I had lots of other paper that matched.  I used a fancy die-cut square as a background and turned it so it looked liked a diamond.  I actually intended to put the ribbon/bow at the top of the card, but after gluing it is place, I discovered it was upside down.  So I rearranged the pieces around the bow at the bottom.  Another happy accident.

Wedding card

Wedding card – inside

Card #3

Another birthday card, this time in purple and green, also from the K & Company paper pad.   I made this rosette a bit larger than the others – using a paper strip about 12 inches x 1-1/2 inches.  The centre is made using my trusty 1-inch punch (the edges come out slightly ruffled) and shiny stickers in different sizes.   The ribbon is the same as the one I used to make a bow on the wedding card; since it’s sheer, it picks up the colour of whatever is underneath in this case, shiny purple cardstock (I have a big roll of this particular ribbon – it was on sale one day at Michael’s) .   I changed the design up a little for the inside, but used the same colours and design elements.

Birthday card – purple and green

Inside of the card

Card #4

Another birthday card.  This time, I made a small rosette by slicing a piece of paper in half length-wise after it was scored.  I glued two pieces of 8-inch paper together to make a slightly longer strip, so it was a bit tricky to cut with my 12-inch paper cutter.   The rosette ended up being a little fuller than some of larger ones, so it works well as the centre of a die-cut flower.  The little “tails” coming out of the rosette were made from scraps of paper I saved from other projects.  The “b” is also a die-cut – I punched out the little piece of paper from the inside and used it as the background for the little metal  heart (picked up at a deeply discounted price from Michael’s, after Valentine’s Day).

Small rosette as the centre of a flower

Inside of card


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