Random acts of craftiness – butterfly necklace


Butterfly necklace

The advent of gift cards has significantly simplified the process of deciding on what to get your child’s teacher as an end-of-year gift.  Easy and one size always fits all.

Apparently some of the parents at our school give bottles of wine as teachers’ gifts.  I can certainly understand that by the time school is over, most teachers probably want nothing more than some peace and quiet and a big glass of wine.  However, gift cards seemed the way to go for us, particularly after M told me he needed gifts for four teachers – M’s classroom teacher, the French teacher, the Language Arts teacher (who I don’t ever recall meeting) and his EA.

One of the parents organized a group gift for the classroom teacher.  That left getting gift cards for the other teachers.  I also made them thank you cards.  M dictated very heartfelt messages to each teacher, which I wrote in each card (getting him to do the actual writing would have provoked a battle royale, which seemed highly counterproductive on the last day of school).

I also decided to give a gift to our principal.  She has consistently gone the extra mile for M – as he said in his thank you card. “she always has his back.”  Since she has done so much for us, I wanted to make a piece of jewelry for her – it seemed more personal than a gift card.

As I was digging through my bead boxes for inspiration, I came across a round pendant from More Skye Jewels with an image of a butterfly in blue tones. As I was trying to decide whether or not to build a necklace around the pendant or find something else, I  stumbled across a strand of irregular-shaped shell beads (my beads are jumbled into several plastic boxes, so finding something is a bit like a treasure).  The beads were slightly iridescent  and matched the colours in the pendant perfectly, but it was a very short strand.  So I added some chain to make the necklace longer, as well as a couple of larger beads at either end of the bead strand, just to add a bit more visual interest and texture.

I ended up making two versions of the necklace.  In the first version, I strung the shell beads together and put 3 larger beads on the end of the strand, which was then connected to the chain with a jump ring.  The chain was a dark gun-metal, almost black, but I couldn’t find a clasp in the same colour, so I went with one in antique silver.  I wasn’t totally happy with it, but it was late, so I decided to sleep on it.

Version #1 - Butterfly necklace

In looking at the necklace the next day, I decided I liked the design but not the execution.  So I took the necklace apart and started over.  It turned out to be the right move, since I was much happier with Version #2.   I put tiny iridescent brown seed beads between each of the shell beads, which made it look a bit more polished and less like I’d just strung a bunch of beads together.  I also made separate wire units, using a headpin, for the larger beads, to more clearly mark the transition between the shell beads and the chain.  As a final touch, I cut a toggle clasp off a pre-made gun-metal chain bracelet and attached it to the necklace.  I fastened the pendant to the necklace, using an extra-large jump ring.

Necklace version #2

Close up - focal pendant

I had also made a card for the principal – by total coincidence, it also had a butterfly on it.

Thank-you card

We wrapped up the card with the necklace in an envelope made from recycled paper and M gave it to her.  She seemed genuinely touched by M’s sentiments and pleased with the necklace.  She put it on right away and told M she would wear it all day.   Of course, this made M very happy.  A good start to the day.

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