You can’t control the weather

raining sheets

raining sheets (Photo credit: mytimemachine)

It has been a very nice summer so far – weeks of hot, sunny and dry weather. So doesn’t it figure that the week we are on vacation, it has been mostly cloudy? And of course, now that we have guests, M’s grandparents, for a couple of days, it is raining. Not the gentle summer showers type of rain but big heavy dripping buckets of water.

I am sure the farmers are happy. It is sweet corn season – my favourite time of year – and while the farmers’ stall have lots to sell, the cobs are pretty little.

But rain at the cottage always feels a bit unfair. The whole idea of being at the cottage is to be outside, swimming, fishing, or sitting on the deck/dock, enjoying a cool beverage. And while M’s grandparents have been to cottage from time to time over the years, they have never stayed overnight.

Today, it rained pretty much all day. It was too wet for the kids to run around outside, which usually results in more demands from M to play on his iPod or the computer. He and his cousins did amuse themselves this afternoon for a little while by making forts with pillows, towels and various pieces of furniture. And they watched a movie tonight. But the cousins are leaving tomorrow and M will be on his own with a group of adults.

Having spent almost all my summers as a child at the cottage, I am not unfamiliar with amusing myself on rainy days. Long before computers, high-speed internet and even videos, we would play games, read and run around the cottage until one of the adults sent us outside. But I always had my brothers to keep me company, even if they were driving me crazy, as well as groups of cousins. Harder being an only child and keeping yourself entertained when it’s raining outside.

Fortunately, M likes to play games. So today we played Uno. Lots and lots. M is on a winning streak. He also read some of the new books he bought with his birthday money and played with his Chaotic cards. I don’t understand how the game works, but it required spreading the cards all over the dining room table. Plus, he helped tidy up the cottage before our company arrived. Of course, he played on the computer and listened to music on his iPod.

Tomorrow, he can play Uno with his grandparents. We may go into the nearby town and show them around. guests. There is a small movie theatre, plus a couple of malls and a big bookstore (can’t go wrong with more books). We could also break out the Monopoly game and play a few rounds. If it isn’t raining too hard, then M and his grandfather could  do a little fishing – apparently the fish always bite better when it’s raining.

According to the weather report, the sun will come out in a couple of days. After our guests go home.


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