Random acts of craftiness – man’s bracelet


Every time I make a gift for someone, my husband says to me, “gee, it sure would be nice to have something made by you.” While I usually give him the evil eye, he does have a point. Over the years, I’ve made sweaters for every member of my family (including M), as well as numerous pieces of jewelry for almost everyone I know. Except for a really ugly hat, my husband doesn’t have a single thing made by me.

In my own defense, I have started a number of projects that were intended as gifts for him. There was a lovely sweater that came in a kit with hand-spun wool. Except there was a problem with the pattern and I could never figure out how to correct it. It’s still in a box somewhere.

Then there was the Norwegian wool sweater that I started for myself and then decided it wasn’t the right colour for me. It was a beautiful light grey, with a brown and dark grey patterned yoke. But it had been sitting in a bag for a couple of years and I couldn’t seem to get tension in the new section to match the original stitches. I’m not even sure where it is now.

A couple of years ago, I decided to make my husband a bracelet. I spent a fair amount of time looking for the perfect focal piece and finally selected a pewter ceramic link from FusionBeads.

As usual, I had more things to do than time, so I wrapped up the link with a length of black rubber tubing and put it in his stocking. Over the course of the next year, I’d find it in my beading supplies and think, “I must do something with this.” Periodically, over the next year, I would pull it out with the intention of finishing it. But somehow, I never seemed to get it quite done.

Last year, I bought him a bracelet with a hand-cast pewter barrel-shaped bead and a button on waxed linen cord. I thought it was a good replacement for the bracelet I’d never finished for him. But while he liked it, he said he preferred the other one, even though it was still unfinished.

While we were on our holidays, I pulled the bracelet out of my beading bag where it had been lurking for several months and sat down to finish it. Originally, I had planned to attach the rubber tubing to each end of the connector and then add a clasp. But the tubing didn’t lie flat and I didn’t like how it looked. I tried some other options – cotton cord, waxed linen, but nothing really clicked. Finally, I went back to the rubber tubing, but added a couple of largish seed beads to keep the tubing from twisting.

Once I had the design figured out, it only took a few minutes to add the clasp and finish the bracelet. Finally, it was done. Hopefully, my husband thinks it was worth the wait.

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