New year, new goals

New Years

New Years (Photo credit: Cary & Darla)

I’m having a bit of a slow start to the New Year. Between traveling and visiting family, we had a busy Christmas. It was nice to see various grandparents, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins, but nice too to be back home, sleeping in our own beds. Once we got home, we spent several days tidying up the house, including putting away all the Christmas decorations. We put our tree up in early December – it wasn’t quite at the Charlie Brown tree stage, but it dropped needles every time I took off an ornament.

By the time the house was back into shape and we had food in the fridge, it was time for me to go back to work.  Not a great deal of time in between for much self-reflection.  I’m not a big fan of resolutions, as they seem to be more about quick fixes, than substantive or meaningful change. I’m not sure the bandwagon approach works – although the gyms are packed right now, most of them will be empty by mid-February.

After a week of mulling a few ideas over in my head and a long, lovely cross-country ski in the woods earlier today, I’ve decided upon four goals for the upcoming year:

1) Learn to sew – After years of watching my mother, I can sew a little bit, but I want to be better. Luckily for me, an independent fabric store recently opened and they are offering monthly sewing classes. I wasn’t interested in making a tote bag (Level 1) or a pair of pyjama bottoms (Level 2), but I did want to make a dress, so I signed up for the advanced class. We’ll be making a cute summer dress from a Collette pattern. I haven’t picked out my fabric yet, but the shop has a lovely selection of cottons that aren’t available anywhere else in town, except by mail order over the web. And the shipping costs on fabric are so high, that it almost isn’t worth it. But now I have a local source for Japanese prints. Liberty cottons and other treasures.

2) Visit my mother more often – while I see her every few weeks at the cottage during the summer, during the winter months, our visits are much less frequent. For one thing, she lives 5 hours away and for another, I always seem to have things to do on the weekends. But my mother has had some health issues lately.  One of my brothers lives near her, but he already does a lot for my mother. So I’m going to go and spend a weekend with my mother at least once a month during 2013. It means a little less time with M and my husband, but given everything my mother has done for me, it seems like a small sacrifice. I’ve already made my travel plans for January.

3) Meet new people – Maybe because I’m an introvert, I tend to have a few close friends. But as often happens, my current friends and I seem to be at different stages of our lives and don’t see each other very often. I’m pretty busy, but sometimes, it’s nice to go out for coffee or to see a movie (especially a chick flick your husband wouldn’t be caught dead at). Unlike dating, there aren’t any websites or services to help people find new friends. It isn’t easy to find people who you really click with. Since I want to encourage M to expand his social circle, I figure I need to set a good example and put myself out there a bit more too. So today, I went cross-country skiing with a group of people I didn’t really know well. I did know one of the women, but we haven’t seen a lot of each other in the last couple of years. They were good skiers and it was a challenge to keep up with them. But I guess I managed because I got invited to join them next weekend.

4) Keep blogging – I started blogging almost a year ago, on January 17, 2012. For the first seven months, I blogged regularly, but by September, the frequency of my posts had dropped off significantly. My primary motivation in starting blogging was to share my experiences in parenting M. While M continues to have some challenges, compared to previous years, 2012 was a triumph for him. Even so, I didn’t have a shortage of ideas for blog posts. But as I know from making jewelry and cards, the more I do, the more ideas I have. The reverse is also true and once my muse stops being a frequent visitor, it’s hard to entice her back. My husband suggested that I shouldn’t worry so much about writing something meaningful and erudite and just write. Good advice, but sometimes I get caught up in trying to explain the larger significance of a particular event or incident.

So for the next few months, I’m going to focus on writing shorter but writing more. I have a number of projects on the go, so they’ll be a few more Random Acts of Craftiness. I expect my sewing lessons will provide some fodder for a few posts. I’ve got a few more ideas for a semi-regular feature, but since I need M’s help with it, I need to talk to him first. Plus, M will start middle school next fall, which will no doubt be accompanied by a few challenges. And I’ll report back periodically in terms of how I’m doing in terms of meeting my goals.

So better late than never, here’s to 2013.


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  1. I think it’s so great that you have signed up for sewing lessons and I look forward to seeing what fun things you make. As for making new friends, I totally hear you on that – I am also an introvert and found it very hard when my close friends started having kids and disappearing from my life. I still find it hard to connect with new people, especially having moved around a bit over the past year, so maybe I should take your lead and get out there a bit more.

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