Unexpectedly unplugged…


One of my goals for the New Year was to get back to blogging on a regular basis. However, I didn’t count on our laptop computer dying.

Computer troubles

Computer troubles (Photo credit: sermoa)

It worked one day and the next day, it wouldn’t start. At first we thought it might be the battery, since a little light came on when it was plugged in.  My husband and M trekked halfway across town on a Friday night  to the only store in town that actually had the right battery in stock, only to be told the problem was likely the motherboard.

I know very little about computers and how they work, but even I know that the motherboard is a vital part of any computer. So the computer went off to be evaluated. The tech did tell us that if the repairs ended up costing more than half the original cost of the computer, it wasn’t worth it. The computer turned out to be repairable, but it took another week to fix it.

During the first couple of days our computer was out of commission, I was a bit concerned about how M would react.  Most days, he makes a bee-line for the computer as soon as he gets in the door. But between the Wii, his Nintendo and his iPod, he kept himself entertained. Most nights, he actually shut whatever game he was playing down the first time he was asked (if I’m lucky, he’ll get off the computer after I’ve asked him 3 times – usually it’s closer to 5 or 6 “requests” before he complies).

Since my husband has an Android, he could still access the internet and his email. But I didn’t have access to my home email account, nor could I blog. I was surprised how cut off I felt. After M’s gone to bed, I’ll often check out what’s new on my favourite sites. Without the computer, I had to find other things to do. I finished up one jewelry project and started a new one.    One night I read two books (they were both short). I even went to bed early at least two nights.

So now the computer is back from the shop and all is right with my world. But just in case the computer goes on the fritz again, I’ve got a big pile of books beside my bed and a new knitting project.


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