Three reasons I’m glad January is over


Weathered (Photo credit: Jon Matthies)

We still have a lot of winter to get through but at least January is over…31 days that felt like sixty. Here’s my list of things that made the month seem much longer.

1) the weather – I love winter but -22 degrees one week and +10 a few days later?! Too cold to go outside for more than 10 minutes at a time and then freezing rain and inches of wet slush to wade through. Crazy-making and exhausting checking the weather channel every morning before I leave the house to make sure I’m dressed for the daily weather experience.

2) spring clothes in the stores – it will be at least 4 months until I wear a short-sleeve shirt without having to wear a fleece jacket over it.  I’m looking for long underwear and a heavy sweater, not flirty skirts and sandals. Even if I was considering a new outfit for spring, I’m wearing so many layers that trying things on takes forever. The few winter clothes that are still available are picked over and too big, too small or really ugly.

3) public transit – heavy winter clothes, crowded buses and unpredictable weather is a recipe for extreme collective crankiness. And that’s when the buses are running on time. Two more months and I can get back to riding my bike to work.

I’m looking forward to a few days of steady below-zero temperatures and several inches of fresh snow. I’ll put on my long underwear and warm socks and go for a long walk.



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