Birdie – a sewer’s best friend


Meet Birdie. She’s my pin cushion. More importantly, she’s my faithful sewing companion.

February 2013 055

Birdie didn’t start out as a pin cushion. I bought a bag of fabric scraps at a craft sale for a $1 and was trolling the blogosphere looking for ideas. I came across a pattern for bird mobile by Spool Sewing. I cut several birds in different prints and made a couple. I strung them on fishing line and gave them as gifts. I’m  not sure if Birdie was supposed to be a gift for someone and I just forgot to give her to them. But when I started sewing again last fall, I found it hard to keep my pins organized. They kept falling on the floor. Messy and potentially hazardous to the dog and M, who always goes barefoot in the house. So when I came across Birdie in my sewing bag, I decided to try her out. We’ve been together ever since.

February 2013 060

In my opinion, Birdie is a perfect pincushion. She’s just big enough to fit in my hand. She also fits nicely into the pocket of my sewing machine case. When I’m sewing, she sits on the table beside me and catches all the pins that would otherwise end up on the floor.

February 2013 061

While she’s a great pincushion, Birdie’s best quality is that she’s totally non-judgemental. No matter how many times I have to rip out and re-sew a seam, Birdie never criticizes. She just offers quiet support. I couldn’t ask for a better friend.

February 2013 056

Birdie on a break

Birdie and a few friends

Birdie and a few friends




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  1. Birdie is super cute! What plans have you for his/her friends? My pin cushion is a Christmas cactus made form felt by a friend of mine – probably one of my favourite tings in the whole world. Anything to encourage us with our crafting, eh?

    • I’m going to have my first-ever give-away later this week and see if anyone else would like a Birdie of their own. I haven’t figured out what to do with the rest – ideas welcome.

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