Bead soup update


My Bead Soup finally arrived! My partner, Marina Kosovic, received her package a couple of weeks ago. Although I was waiting until my goodies arrived, so I could share pictures of what we sent to each other.

Before I decided what to send Marina, I checked out some of her designs on her blogmachoopko-design and on her Facebook page,  She makes the most amazing creations with seed beads – flowers, animals, insects. She also makes gorgeous jewelry. While I use seed beads in my own jewelry, I would never have the patience to make a whole piece with them. Plus, whenever I work with seed beads, no matter how careful I am, they tend to end up everywhere. From a creative and practical point of view, I have tremendous admiration for Marina’s work.

In putting together Marina’s Bead Soup, I was very conscious about the total weight. On more than a few occasions, I’ve gone to the Post Office to mail a small package and been gob-smacked at the cost. Since Marina lives in Serbia, I was fully prepared to pay $10-$15 in postage. I was also concerned about whether the package would get to her in sufficient time. It wasn’t just the distance, Not only was but my city seems to be the black hole of mail service. In the last few years, I’ve lost count of the number of letters or packages that have gone astray or just never arrived.

There aren’t a lot of rules for Bead Soup. However, each participant has to give her partner a clasp and a focal bead.

I decided to send Marina a simple copper toggle clasp that I oxidized myself, using the hard-boiled egg method.

February 2013 028

I decided upon a round porcelain focal with a Celtic-inspired design from Nancy E. Schindler’s Round Rabbit Extra. Since focal was predominantly blue, I looked for other beads that would complement it.

February 2013 027

I spent a couple of hours playing around with bead combinations. In the end, I selected a couple of pieces of hand-dyed ribbon from JodyPosey, some glass beads in varying sizes in different shades of blue and topaz (a nice contrast to the blue), some seed beads with a nice sparkle, glass pearls and three medium-sized hand-made ceramic beads that my mother brought back from New Zealand for me several years ago.

February 2013 029

February 2013 038

February 2013 040

I made a little card and wrote down what was what on the back and packaged everything up into the sturdiest but lightest envelope I could find.

To my great surprise, the postage was quite reasonable. According to the Post Office, it could take 6 or more days for the parcel to arrive on Marina’s doorstep. It took just over 2 weeks and arrived in one piece. I consider myself lucky on both counts. Marina posted a few photos of the contents of her package on the Bead Soup Facebook page.

When I opened my package from Marina, the first thing that struck me was how many different textures she’s managed to include in one little envelope.

March 2013 093

She’d made some really cute polymer clay beads, including a nifty little grey heart that I’m going to use as my focal bead. Plus a fun flower toggle clasp.

March 2013 087

There was a bag of  long thin black glass beads, plus small glass beads in different colours and shapes. In addition to an assortment of metal beads and charms, there were several different varieties of wood beads, including some very cool squares with rounded corners.

March 2013 088-001

March 2013 089-001

I haven’t had time to actually sit down and play with my new beads. We were away on holiday and last week and most of this week was taken up with getting back into the school/work routine. But I’ve been playing around in my head with different designs and this week, I’m going to start working  on the pieces themselves. Both Marina and I will reveal our creations on April 13, 2013.


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  1. What great soup… can’t wait to see what you both design! I agree, the post office experience where I live has taken the some of the enjoyment out of many “swaps”.

    • I try to order gifts on line so I don’t have to use the PO very often. But sometimes, it’s unavoidable. I count on the fact that delivery will take 2x longer than promised. Yet they still keep raising the prices…

  2. I love receiving fun stuff in the mail and your bean soup package, with all its different colours and textures, is super fun – lucky you! Looking forward to seeing what cool stuff you come up with.

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