Notes from a good friday

Oye! It's Friday!

Oye! It’s Friday! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is the first day of the Easter weekend. Since it’s a statutory holiday, everyone was at home. It was sunny and since all the stores were closed, we had to make our own fun (as opposed to grocery shopping, cleaning the house and running errands).

We were dog-sitting a friend”s dogs overnight  – a very busy young beagle and an older female, a sweet mixed breed. Add in our 7-year-old standard poodle and that made 3 dogs. Poodles don”t shed but the other 2 dogs did. They were both a bit nervous about being away from home, so they shed even more. Sometimes, in large clumps. Being small dogs, they need to go for frequent walks, so M and I took all 3 dogs out for about an hour this morning. Having a couple of canine visitors was good motivation for M to get off the computer and outside.

A friend of M`s called this morning to ask if M wanted to come and play at this house. M was a little unsure about the time, so we`d planned to planned to drop him off after lunch. To M and mine`s surprise, his friend was waiting at our house when we got home from dog-walking. Change of plans.

Two energetic 11 year olds + 3 dogs = busy. To get a little break from our furry friends and to get them outside, the boys and I wandered over to the local Dairy Queen, so they could each get a treat. Given how long it tool to get their orders filled, DQ did not expect the store to be very busy today. I don”t think the harried young woman behind the counter was enjoying the day as much as were. While both boys had been pushing and shoving each other on the walk to DQ, they were too occupied with their ice-creams on the way back, so kept their hands to themselves. Apparently two 11-year-old boys have more energy than 3 dogs.

All the visitors (canine and human) were gone by 4 pm. M played on the computer for 20 minutes or so and then headed up to his room to listen to his iPod. His dad and I did a few chores around the house and eventually went upstairs to our room to read. M was cuddled up under his covers, yawning so widely that I was sure he”d fall asleep. I know I napped for a little bit but not sure whether M and his dad actually slept.

We all got back up around 7 pm and had home-made pizza for supper. A quiet conclusion to a leisurely day. Tomorrow the stores are open and on Sunday, M”s grandparents arrive for a couple of days.  Tomorrow will be filled with errands and tidying the house, so it was nice to have one day when we didn”t have to do anything in particular. A good day was had by all.


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