Spring…at last?!


According to the calendar, spring officially arrived almost a month ago. But until a couple of days ago, I didn’t see much evidence that winter was over. We still had snow and the temperature was stuck in the single digits. Until last week, M was still wearing his snow pants to school without being asked.  And the parts of my garden that weren’t still covered in snow, were a study in brown – dead leaves and dirt, punctuated by stray branches and wayward pieces of garbage.

However, despite another snow storm late last week, spring seems to finally taking hold.  Almost overnight, crocus and other early spring flowers are sprouting up in my backyard. Harbingers of spring indeed.

First crocus!

First crocus!

More crocus

More crocus

Almost ready o bloom

Almost ready  to bloom

Another early bloomer (but I can't remember its name)

Another early bloomer (but I can’t remember its name)

Even the tulips are starting to poke their leaves out of the ground.

Tulips - on their way

Tulips are on their way

Tulips - what colour?

Tulips – what colour?

Since the front garden only gets early morning son, progress is slower than in the backyard.  But sometime today, one of my miniature  irises bloomed. There’re only about 6 inches high and very short-lived. But they are so pretty – I always enjoy them, no matter how long they last.

April 17, 2013 058-001

Early iris (yes, that’s snow in the background)

Early iris

Early iris

Seeing my garden come back to life has lifted my mood. Last week, it was as heavy as the winter coat I was still wearing. This week, everything seems a little brighter. We’re due for a couple of days of warm, damp weather. Even if the mercury does drop at the week, I know that this time next week, I’ll find more little treasures in my garden.


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  1. What lovely treasures in your garden! I hear winter has been long and snowy in Ontario. My mother in law called last week to tell me she was still wearing winter boots to negotiate freshly fallen snow. As she said this, I was enjoying sunshine and 18 degrees in the West Coast. I’m looking forward to going back home in June but I know this time next year I will likely be desperately looking for signs of spring in my Toronto garden, reminiscing about the warm west coast winter.

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