Randon acts of craftiness – graduation cards


My lovely and talented nieces are both celebrating big milestones this month. One is graduating from high school and the other, from middle school. I don’t see them very often, but I treasure the times we do spend together.

It seemed appropriate to make a graduation card for each niece. In search of some inspiration, I checked out a few websites and Pinterest.  Apparently, the big theme in graduation cards is owls, often wearing a little square hat (graduating = wise?!). Not to my taste and expect neither recipient would be terribly impressed.

After some hunting, I found a card I really liked 0n Scrapbooksetc, but I don’t have a butterfly punch and I wasn’t going to buy one to make one card. I liked the look of the stitching on the card and decided to do something similar, using materials I had on hand. What really caught my eye was the stitching on the front of the card.

Taking Flight Grad Card

 In the end, I went with stars, which are also a popular theme for graduation cards (makes more sense to me than owls). I decided on the text “reach for the stars” and played around with fonts on my computer until I found one I liked. Once I’d run a couple of tests and decided on the font size and colour, I positioned the text approximately where I wanted it and ran a piece of 8 x 8 white card through my printer (tip: if you’re printer’s like mine and has trouble with odd-sized paper, washi tape works to attach the card stock to a piece of  printer paper, plus it comes off easily).

June 3, 2013 109-002

Once I had the text printed, I cut the paper into a medium-sized square.  Following the example of the butterfly card, I  Then I threaded my sewing machine with bright pink thread and stitched 5  lines coming out from the text.  I went over each line twice so they would stand out and pulled the threads through to the wrong side and tied them off.

June 3, 2013 116-001

June 3, 2013 117-001

If you are a sewer, this would be a snap, If you’re like me and so-so with a sewing machine, I recommend first practicing on a scrap piece of paper.  After a trial run, I was able to sew my lines free-hand. It wasn’t difficult and I like the effect.

I had already selected a bright pink card stock as the background (hence the pink thread on white paper). I found a coordinating paper in my stash and cut out a square that covered about 2/3’s of the front of the card and trimmed the stitched square to fit.

June 3, 2013 126-001

Due to a lack of mastery of my new paper cutter, my edges didn’t come quite clean (the knots on the back probably made the paper a little thicker), so I just tore the excess paper off on all four sides and went for a slightly rustic look.

June 3, 2013 122-001

I rounded the corners and added small self-sticky stars at the top of each stitched line.

June 3, 2013 124-001

Since a couple of my lines weren’t totally straight, I added a couple of extra stars to cover up the imperfections. I also ran the front of the card stock through my Big Shot with an embossing folder to pick up the dot theme (no such thing as too many to dots, plus any excuse to use my Big Shot).

June 3, 2013 127-001

I attached the squares on top of each other to the front of the card. Using self- adhesive numbers, I made a little tag that says “2013” and afixed it to the bottom third of the card. The final touch was adding few tiny sequins after the date.

June 3, 2013 128-001

While I had a clear design in mind for my eldest niece’s card, I had no clear plan for her sister’s. I decided the card itself would be turquoise. Following the example of one of the cards I’d seen, I printed “congradulations,” onto a plain card stock in a complementary colour. I accidentally trimmed one edge quite close to the bottom of the letters, but it looked fine, so I did the same along the other side. I’d rejected the paper with chevrons on it for the other card, but it added some punch to this one. Making a quasi-pennant was another happy accident. I was going to place it across the width of the card, but I liked it better length-wise.I cut a notch  at the bottom to add some visual interest.

June 3, 2013 135-001

I had just bought a pack of cardboard flowers on sale at Micheals. I added a stick-on rhinestone to each flower and scattered them around the front of the card. I ended up adding a few silver stars as well and added a bit of bling to the centre of each one. Of course, I had to decorate the inside of the card.

June 3, 2013 133-001

Two cute cards and nary an owl in sight.

June 3, 2013 130-001

June 3, 2013 132-001



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