Bead Soup is back!


8th Bead Soup Blog Party Thanks to the amazing Lori Anderson, Bead Soup Blog Party is back for 2014. And I’m participating again! Last year, my partner, Marina Kosović sent me a neat mixture of beads, including several polymer clay pendants that she had made herself. The whole process pushed me out of my comfort zone – both in terms of designing and executing several pieces of jewelry, but also exposing my designs to a large group (close to 500 people).

This year, my partner is Shalini Austin. The first thing I noticed when I went to her blog is that she works primarily with wire, using semi-precious stones and a variety of beads. Her designs are very unique and striking. I love these wire earrings made with bright pink felted balls.

Felt Bead Earrings








And this necklace with copper and colourful pearl flowers.

freshwater pearls flower necklace

She also makes stunning wire sculpture trees – this fir looks incredibly lifelike.

Evergreen Wire Sculpture Tree

 Bead Soup is a challenge on two levels – assembling the “ingredients” for your partner and then designing and creating pieces from what she sends you. In putting together Shalini’s “soup,” I focused on combining as many different textures as I could. I also had to be mindful to keep the package itself fairly flat, as Canadian postal rates are based on weight and height. A package higher than 2 cm is considered a parcel and for whatever reason, seems to take twice as long to get to its destination. There was a bit of trial and error involved – a couple of things I really wanted to include were just too big. However, I spent a couple of days putting together different combinations, until the soup was “just right.” I packed it all up and sent it on its way to Shalini.

I can’t show you what I sent her – Shalini gets to see it first. However, I wrapped some of the pieces separately, to ensure they’d fit in the mailing envelope.



I’m crossing my fingers Shalini gets her Bead Soup package soon. I can’t wait to see what she thinks!



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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of being FB friends with Shalini for a nice long while now. I love her work and sweet spirit. You two are going to have such fun! 🙂

  2. This is my first soup party and I am excited. I’ll be talking about my partner next week. It’s so cool to meet a new person and Lori seems to have a knack for how to put two people together.

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