Signs of spring (better late than never)


Less than three weeks ago, we had fresh snow on the ground. Two weeks ago, the mercury was barely breaking o C. However, after a few days of sunny weather , some rain and double-digit temperatures, spring seems to be finally making an appearance. Not only can I walk outside in shoes and a light coat, but my garden is showing signs of life.

I have snowdrops…


and crocus…


some are even starting to open.


Plus, the tulips are popping up, never mind the snow.



An iris, which over-wintered in a pot outside, also P1040046has new shoots.


A few other plants are starting to poke out of the ground – this might be Sedum.


My garden is still pretty messy. Despite temptation of the warm temperatures, its way too early to do a major clean up. I’ll leave the leaf cover for a while longer, until the risk of snow and heavy frost is gone (snow’s in the forecast for early next week). I have picked up the dog poo that was littered around the yard, (downside of letting the dog out in the backyard during the winter months), as well as other random piles of unknown animal droppings (since they’re always near the dog poo, I’m pretty certain some other creature has been leaving gifts in the backyard – gross!), so as to avoid stepping in anything nasty when I finally get out and start the serious tidying.  A few more warm days and plants will be popping up all over the garden Who kows what else I’ll find? Yeah Spring! My favourite time of year.

John Sebastien Toad - a gift from my mother and my version of a garden gnome

John Sebastien Toad – a gift from my mother and my version of a garden gnome


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