M turns 13 today. My recall of some of the early years are getting a bit fuzzier over time, but my memories of the day he was born are crystal clear. It was 3:13 pm on a hot Saturday afternoon. The medical staff whisked him away the minute he emerged from me and after a few minutes, I asked if I could see my baby and there he was – tiny and wrinkled with hands and feet almost too big for his little body. From that moment on, he’s been my sweet boy.

In celebration of his 13th birthday, here are 13 of the attributes that make M so unique:

1) he’s patient with his younger cousins and shows them how to play Pokemon games on the DS

2) he take tennis lessons all year round

3) he still sleeps with the blue fleece blanket his grandmother gave him when he was a baby

4) he has a brown belt in karate

5) he would eat home-made pizza every night if he was allowed

6) he taught me how to set-up the closed captioning on the TV and patiently shows me how to do it when I forget

7) he loves rainbow chocolate chip cookies and Ghiradelli chocolate brownies

8) he takes his socks off the minute he gets home from school or camp (and leaves them on the sofa – eww!)

9) his favourite soccer team is Manchester United

10) he reads (and re-reads) Japanese manga

11) he eats almost everything with ketchup, including baby carrots

12) he listens to Top 40 dance music in the car and sings out loud

13) he still gives me hugs and kisses

Happy Birthday M!


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