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2nd Annual Bead Hoaders’ Blog Hop – late to the party


I made a necklace for the blog hop and had taken some photos too. The reason I’m late posting is that I came down with a cold on Friday. After making Christmas cookies, volunteering at the craft sale at my son’s school (which included donating bags of said cookies), and doing a little Christmas shopping, I ran out of steam and had a nap (several, as it turned out).

The necklace was a gift for one of my favourite colleague’s who retired recently. I made a focal bead, using a Jade Scott owl pendant and a copper disc which I distressed, using Ranger’s metal patina in verdigris.


Although I’ve had the patina for over a year, I’d never actually used it before (my stash includes more than just jewelry components). I scratched the surface of the disc with fine sandpaper and applied the patina on both sides, as per the directions on the bottle. Big impact with minimal work.


I polished the edges of the disc with the sandpaper to give it a bit more detail. I attached it to a length of fancy round cooper chain that had a natural patina – I don’t know if it came that way or it’s just been in my box of chain for a long time. Either way, it was a perfect match for the focal bead.


Attaching the focal and the clasp to the chain turned out to be a bit tricky because I couldn’t find my jump rings. Over the last several months, I’ve slowly been organizing a craft space in a corner of my basement (aka, the craft cave) and most of my supplies are sorted. Except apparently, the jump rings. I looked up and down for them several times, to no avail. I managed to find 4 or 5 small gun metal ones, and I used them to attach the clasp, figuring no one would notice the difference in colour at the back of the necklace. The pendant came with a jump ring, but I didn’t like how the owl ears poked up above the metal disc. I had cut a link off the chain so it was the right length and I used it as a jump ring, to drop the owl down a bit further. It did the trick perfectly, plus it looks like part of the chain.


Thanks to my MIA jump rings, I could only make one piece for the blog hop. However, I also made my colleague a card from materials in my stash, including a vintage button.


I probably won’t be making any jewelry for Christmas. But as soon as the holiday rush is over, I’m going to track down those darn jump rings, so I can dive back into my stash and have some more fun and perhaps learn another new technique or two.