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Sparkly shoes make everything better


I love shoes. I also like bargains. So when I found a pair of black satin shoes with rhinestones on them during a pre-Christmas trip to a local thrift store, I was thrilled.


Not only did they fit perfectly, but they looked like they’re hardly ever been worn. For $14.95, the shoes were a good deal. However, one of friends I was shopping with had a 30% off everything coupon – at $10.50, the shoes were definitely going home with me.

I bought the shoes because they were fun. I’d been looking for a pair of sparkly shoes, but most of the ones I saw in the store were a) too high b) uncomfortable or c) cheap looking. Often they were all three.  My rhinestone beauties were as nice a pair as I’d ever seen. Did I mention they only cost $10.50?


Satin shoes aren’t exactly everyday wear, unless you attend lots of swanky parties. My social calendar is surprisingly light on fancy affairs, but with the holidays coming up, I figured there’s be at least a couple of opportunities to dress up and wear my sparkly shoes. I could also ignore the fashion police and wear them to work from time to time.

Christmas is over and I can report I did wear my shoes to a couple of parties. They were a big hit. The really great thing about my sparkly shoes is that they have rhinestones on the heels, as well as on the front. I shine, coming and going.


What I didn’t anticipate about my shoes is how great I feel when I’m wearing them. It’s less about what else I’m wearing but the fact that every time I look down at my feet and see my shoes twinkling back at me, I smile. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when I’m wearing these shoes. Even seeing them sitting in my closet makes me happy.

While I like to pride myself on having my own personal sense of style, my wardrobe is pretty conservative. Maybe that’s why I like my sparkly shoes so much. They’re just the right amount of flash and whimsy, especially in the winter when all I seem to wear are dark colours.

Since it looks like it’s going to be a long time until spring, I imagine I’ll be digging my shoes out from time to time. Even I just wear them around the house. As far as I’m concerned, sparkly shoes are the cure for almost everything.