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Christmas in January


My friend Beth and I always exchange Christmas gifts in January. Both of us are busy over the holidays, plus it gives us both something to look forward to, a bright spot in a long, cold winter.

This year she outdid herself. First out of the bag was a lovely infinity scarf in a geometric pattern in blues, grey and white.


It’s very light weight, so I can wear it ¬†inside during winter and with a outdoor jacket or a sweater when it finally gets warmer it’s got to happen sometime).

Next I found some very cute buttons in Christmas shapes – perfect for next year’s Christmas cards.


A package of funky, retro pens. Since I never seem to have a pen when I need one,  this is a very useful gift.


A lovely pin, made of wrapped wool, in my favourite colours (I vaguely recall admiring it at a local craft show – clearly Beth was paying attention).


But the showstopper, my absolute favourite gift, is an apothecary jar filled with vintage buttons – metal, plastic, wood, mother of pearl and fabric-covered. Lots of shapes and sizes.


Beth has been to enough fabric flea markets and antique stores with me to know that I love buttons. I always hit the button tables first. I’ve picked up a couple of grab bags of older buttons at sales over the last couple of years, but nothing I’ve found compares with the wonderfulness of my jar of treasures.


I’ve only explored the first couple inches of buttons and already, I’ve found some beauties.


Plastic and plaid – how cool are these?


Neat details

I’m thinking about adding a button to my new pin, to give it a bit more pizzazz.

A hint of metal and sparkle?

A hint of metal and sparkle?

Maybe a bit too simple?

Maybe a bit too simple?

Too much of a good thing?

Too much of a good thing?

Cute...but not wow

Cute…but not wow

Too blue?

Too blue?

I’m not sure any of these buttons really work with the pin. Lucky me, I’ve got lots more to choose from.