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Frightenly silly Halloween wreath


M is almost past dressing up and going out for Halloween – it’s only 5 days away and he’s still on the fence about whether or not to go out. Regardless of what he does, we always get trick or treaters. To dress up the door, I decided to make a Halloween wreath.

The wreath was essentially a re-fashion of one I made with a feather boa last year.


I rounded up some spooky decorations from Michaels and the local dollar store (plastic chain with skeleton, rubber bats and an acid green garland with skeleton heads) and raided our box of Halloween decorations (spider’s web, hand and silver skull). The piece de resistance was a huge fake spider that I found at a church bazaar while I was helping out some friends out with their table.


Super scary spider

After removing the feather boa, I wrapped the wreath in metallic burlap ribbon and the skeleton garland. Rather than hot gluing, the decorations to the wreath, I used pins and wire, in case I want take it apart next year


Creepy hand and skeleton


Spooky skull

It took me a couple of hours and about $7 to make.


Not sure it’s going to terrify the trick or treaters, but it make may some of them laugh.






Feathery fall wreath


I had a vague idea about making a fall wreath. However, it wasn’t until I spotted a maroon feather boa at my local thrift store that I knew what I wanted my wreath to look like. At $1.99, it was a steal.


I bought a 13-inch foam ring at Michaels (40% off $13.99).


Using sewing pins as necessary, I covered the entire foam wreath wIth strips torn from an old black.t-shirt.


Unfortunately, the feather boa wasn’t quite long enough to cover the entire wreath form. However, I filled the space with some interesting pale green seed heads from a lovely autumn bouquet my husband had given me several weeks earlier.


At least they started out green; as they dried out, the turned a mottled brown and opened up. I decided to keep them, because they were so interesting. I wrapped each seed head with a scrap of the  t-shirt strips so it was secure and wouldn’t move. I stuck some spare feathers in between each seed head to cover up the t-shirt and make it seem like the arrangement was planned.

Finally, I added some dollar store silk leaves and seed heads.


To add some colour, I added a silk yellow mum,, but made the wreath look a little gaudy.


In the end, I decided to used a a clump of green seed pods from a leftover Thanksgiving bouquet. (apparently, we like flowers in my family). I  found the easiest way to insert the faux leaves and seed heads was to strip the fabric covering away from the wire and then push the wire into the foam ring in the desired position. I stripped a piece of wire and inserted into the bottom of the seed bod, so I could wire it it securely.


The final reveal – a funky, fall wreath. It’s a little understated, but all those feathers more than make up for the simple decorative touches


Even with the cost of the foam wreath, I spent about $11 on all the materials. With Hallowe’en coming, feather boas are easy to find in thrift, bargain and costume stores.  Since I used pins to put it together, I can take it all apart and make a new wreath when the seasons change.

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